Exfoliation “Making the Bed”

IMG_1212 (1)Once we hit that late 20’s, early 30’s mark we look in the mirror and think “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” You aren’t alone and you aren’t imagining things.  This age is somewhat of a bench mark for skin changing and its time to take action with a few changes to your routine to not only TREAT the damage that has occurred put PREVENT future problems.

Exfoliation is a term everyone has heard, but this is not your typical buffer pad, clarisonic or scrub that may come to mind. Exfoliation comes in many forms and has tremendous benefits.

Why exfoliate? Imagine your bed at home…. What if every week instead of changing your sheets you put another fitted sheet not on top of the bed, but UNDER the dirty sheets. Every week, adding another clean sheet to the bottom.   Our skin literally becomes that messy bed of an outer layer that needed to be removed weeks ago!   A person in their 20s will produce new skin every 20 days, compared to a person in their 40s, where that cycle is every 40 days!   This outer layer is unhealthy, built up, dry and damaged. You aren’t crazy, that natural glow can’t possibly exist among that build up.

No worries. Drum roll please…….. Exfoliation!

Dry skin? This layer of build up just makes you feel more dry.  You are a smart girl, you naturally reach for the moisturizer… BOOM – ACNE in your 30s! The layer of build up mixes with the oil and clogs the pores. Oily skin? FORGET IT! Your oils are constantly mixing with that outer layer making crazy black heads, stretched out pores and crazy painful breakouts! No, its not adult acne… its BUILDUP!

Physical exfoliants enzymes and AHAs (chemcical exfoliants) are the three ways we can speed up that cell turn over rate. Physical exfoliants are going to be anything working on the outer surface. Scrubs, face brushes, microdermabrasion, even your wash rag, all physical exfoliants. This may be the most well known exfoliant but also the least effective. You are on a small scale scratching that outer layer off which can lead to sensitivity and an uneven result. The most gentle way to exfoliate that very outer layer is with enzymes. Enzymes are found in many fruits and in mask form. Enzymes are capable of digesting dead skin cells, removing the dead layers that are hanging around longer than needed. The third most effective way to exfoliate is chemically. This is the most even way to exfoliate with by far the best result. AHAs are absorbed into the skin and break down the glue like substance that is holding our cells together. The molecule makeup lets it penetrate evenly to a certain depth, sweeping away the layers of build up. Everyone needs to be using a combination of the three types of exfoliants for the best results.

Next time you are changing your sheets and walk by that mirror in the bedroom, take a look. One would be amazed at the difference a session with a mild exfoliant can do for their skin! Come in for a customized treatment, bringing back that natural glow of healthy skin!

Written by:

Lorean Dillard / Beauty Mark Boutique

Richardson TX  (972) 238-9873








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