Milia – The Whitehead That Won’t Go Away!

image Putting on your concealer you notice a tiny hard bump under your eye, hard as a rock. You feel like you are going to cut your skin from squeezing so hard, and yet, nothing. These aren’t your typical period pimples and they are popping up in the strangest places. Most common around the eyes nose and vermillion border or lip line, milia are in fact not pimples or whiteheads at all.

Milia is formed when keratin blocks a sebaceous gland and forms a hard pearl like ball under the epidermis. Let me repeat that, under the epidermis. No matter how hard you scratch pick and squeeze, this sucker isn’t going anywhere.  I promise its not your fault. No matter how much you wash your face its not you, but your products that are the culprit of these stubborn tiny bumps that might as well be bowling balls under the skin.

Products you use everyday such as makeup, makeup remover, lip balm, moisturizer, sunscreen and even hair products can be comedogenic. I know we see this term but most of us don’t really understand the importance. When a product is in fact comedogenic, it contains oils or ingredients that the skin can not fully absorb. Residue is left in the skin, blocking the pores or sebaceous glands and your skin will naturally react. One would be surprised how many of the expensive department store face creams seem so smooth and rich yet contain ingredients like lanolin (sheep oil) and mineral oil which should be a no no in everyones book. Many makeups and products will now list non comedogenic on the label, making it something to look for.

Exfoliation can have a lot to do with the formation of milia as well. Please refer to my previous blog and read up on exfoliation. So the real question everyone has is what do we do with existing milia? Cell turnover can eventually push out the tiny cyst but even with exfoliation creams such as retin-a the process can take forever. Seeing an esthetician or dermatologist will be the easiest way to rid the milia.   If you go to a facialist who seems uncomfortable with the removal process, go elsewhere. Milia shouldn’t be removed with laser or microdermabrasion, it must be lanced with a sterilized lancet or professional strength topical to remove layers without irritating the surrounding skin. Remember, this isn’t the normal surface breakout, but a hard cyst formation under the epidermis, so trying to poke at it with a needle at home in the oh so dangerous magnifying mirror has the potential to cause scaring.

Beauty Mark Boutique located in Richardson is confident and experienced in the removal of all forms of milia, and the education on preventing future occurrences. Schedule your appointment today!

Written by:

Lorean Dillard / Beauty Mark Boutique

Richardson TX  (972)238-9873

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