End of Summer Skin Secrets

imageSummer has come to an end and fall is around the corner.  Like everyone, there were days these last few months of enjoying the fun in the sun!  “I am good, I always wear sunscreen” is what most people are thinking.  I will give you credit girl, with three kids running around and your best girlfriend wanting to lay out, you get an A for effort in the sunscreen department!   Sorry to be the bearer of of bad news, but damage has still occurred.  No worries!  With a few tips and tricks your skin will thank you down the road if good habits are implemented now.

What is sunscreen?  Sunscreen literally puts a BLOCK on the skin, enabling the UV rays to penetrate the skin.  The higher the SPF the longer the duration of the protection, but also the more chemicals in the product.  Even while wearing protection you are pleased with the little bit of color you were able to get from the day, but that my friend is the red flag that is waving in the wind!  Our body’s self protection mechanism is our tan.  UV rays have activated our melanocytes aka “pigment producers” and our body is working in over drive and that nice tan is just the bifactor of the damage we are getting.

Is all sun, bad sun?  Many people talk about sun therapy, getting a dose of vitamin C.  Truth be told you get enough of that walking to your car or sitting in that long carpool line while the sun is beaming in through the driver window; sorry to disappoint.  There are three types of UV rays that are all working against us.  UVA rays are the aging rays, UVB rays are the burning rays, and UVC rays are the cancer causing rays.  These rays penetrate at different depths and different ingredients block each ray.  I know, too much information, but leave this article knowing  “My makeup has SPF so I am protected” is the mindset to stay away from.  New laws have forced product lines to list broad spectrum on their label to ensure that all three rays are being blocked (about time FDA).  Food for thought: Just because you aren’t burning doesn’t mean you aren’t creating wrinkles and elasticity break down thanks to those UVA rays.

So the summer is almost over and it is time to repair the skin.  Ingredients such as Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid), are a  great antioxidant that not only prevents damage, but help repair.  Think back to the arcade days as a kid.  The pin ball machine shoots the metal ball and Zing ding Bing the ball is going crazy as the machine is lighting up.  The exact thing is happening with UV and free radical damage in the skin.  Free radicals penetrate the skin, and the madness of the back [and fourth] bouncing around causes damage down in the skin, breaking down elasticity and collagen.  Antioxidants are ingredients that force the free radicals out as soon as they come in, reducing the damage by ten folds!  NO MORE PIN BALL PLAYING!  Every persons regimen should incorporate an antioxidant serum after cleansing.  YOU WILL THANK ME LATER.  A good strong exfoliation can also help with the damage from the summer months.  Many peels incorporate melanin suppressants, which help control the amount of pigment being produced, reducing hyper pigmentation.

So I wont lie, the tan did look good on you over the summer. Ten years from now… I might be keeping my opinion to myself about the damaged skin if good habits aren’t started now.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body,  also last to get all the good stuff we take in internally.  A good home care regimen makes all the difference putting those oh so good ingredients right onto the skin.  With millions of products out there, how would anyone know what to use?  Well my friend, this is why every girl needs an esthetician on her side!  We can be besties and I will ensure you have an easy regimen keeping that skin looking on point.  I would want nothing less for any of my girlfriends!  Call and schedule an appointment today! You get pampered and I’ll do the educating!  Beauty Mark Boutique is located in Richardson Tx and has several treatment facials to mid depth peel treatment options.  Lets get started!


Written by:

Lorean Dillard/Beauty Mark Boutique

721 W. Arapaho Rd. #102 Richardson TX 75080


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