That’s Not My Stache, It’s My Hyper-Pigmentation!

I hope no one spit their coffee out this morning reading the title of this blog! Trying to make a topic no one speaks about, but curious about, come to light! The oh so dreaded, middle of summer, dark upper lip that mimics the 5 o’clock shadow will make every girl panic when they first notice the problem. Pigmentation on the upper lip, cheeks, and forehead are hard to hide, but with a little work can be treated and lightened over time.

What causes hyper pigmentation?  Hormones, continuous sun damage, over exfoliation causing sensitized skin, and certain medications are the culprit. It is important to understand the two different sides to skin care. Prevention and treatment. Every person’s regimen should target BOTH of these two categories. They are two different things working synergistically. If your esthetician is not educating you on both, well come on over, I’ll convert you! I kid, but why treat the problem if you are not preventing it from occurring again?!

Preventing the problem is key, unfortunately we are a society that waits until the problem has occurred, then expect instant results. I compare my prevention regimen to my car insurance. You feel like you aren’t seeing anything but that money being withdrawn from your bank account each month, but we do it to prevent the consequences financially! Same with skin care, we might not immediately see the effects of these ingredients, but down the road it is night and day the impact they have. Vitamin C or antioxidants are huge in preventing pigmentation problems. If you know you are a skin type that is prone to pigmentation or it runs in you family, Vitamin C is your best friend from age 20 on! Another preventative product is sunscreen. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and has memory! Lets compare it to weight! Think of a person over a span of 20 years. If this person ate a healthy diet, exercised, and took care of their body 80% of the time, their health and figure show it. The days, weeks, or maybe even months they fell into bad habits are recoverable and they are able to get back to that figure they are 80% of the time. Their metabolism and muscle has a memory; Our skin is the same way! If you are a person who regularly wears SPF on a daily basis, your melanocytes or pigment producers are at rest. You may forget to put it on a day here and there, but they are rarely overstimulated. Just like the health of our body has memory, so does the skin. When it comes to prevention antioxidants and SPF consistently are the two most important factors!

Treatment: If the title of the article caught your eye this is the part you are waiting to get to. Pigmentation problems are damage done to the DNA of your pigment producing cells, down in the dermis! There are many treatments and creams out there that temporarily fix the problem, but very few truly correct the problem. Photo facials are a common treatment used and they do temporarily remove the sun spots. Once summer rolls around the following year, those melanocytes will once again be stimulated. Remember the DNA damage is down in the dermal layer. That treatment that worked so well only treated the epidermis, not the true culprit, the damaged cells down in the dermis. Creams with ingredients such as Hydroquinone are bleaching agents that lighten the pigmentation, or suppress the melanin production while using them. Lasers or peels that are medical grade can treat down to the dermal layer, correcting the problem, but often come with down time.

Derma rolling is a new procedure with no down time! Tiny channels down to the dermis allow exfoliants to penetrate down to the dermis to exfoliate out the damaged cells. Think of it as reprogramming the damaged cells to now function properly. Unlike home care rollers which are a 0.5, these rollers range from 1-3 in gauge getting the good stuff to the dermis where everything is happening! When treating pigmentation, remember it consists of both prevention and treatment! Call today to schedule an appointment to start treating that pigmentation.

Written by: Lorean Dillard/Beauty Mark Boutique

721 W. Arapaho Rd. #102 Richardson TX 75080


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