Rethink That Facewash!

With Pinterest, Facebook, and social media there are so many recipes for homemade masks and scrubs.  Does what you use on your face (even if its just to wash your makeup off) really make a difference?  Many factors go into a good vs bad product, and with a few facts may make you rethink that bar of soap in the shower.  What are you reaching for every morning and night?


First, let’s address this one: “I hear washing your face too much is bad for your skin.”  It depends on what you are using.  Remember back to biology class in school and think of the term pH.  PH has a scale. The lower the pH, the higher the acidity, the higher the pH the more alkaline.  7 is considered neutral on the pH scale and our skin lies more on the acidic side with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5.  Many people think that cleanser used should be pH balanced for our skin. Yes and no.  That bar of soap described in the photo above has a pH of 7 – way higher than the needed 4.5.  What does this mean?  The more alkaline a product, the more it opens the pores, dries the skin, and changes the natural pH.  Bacteria and flora grow in an alkaline pH, increasing acne and infection.  The go to Pinterest, DIY, baking soda mask is an epic fail and a recipe for acne.  It is the pH shift in the skin that is bad, not overwashing.  Water alone will raise the pH of the skin. Using an alkaline soap is a disaster waiting to happen.  Many skin disorders such as dermatitis and eczema are seen in skin showing a very high, or alkaline pH.  An elevated pH may also increase the enzymatic process of lipid metabolism, a fancy way of saying it strips or breaks down the barrier of the skin causing irritation.  Surprisingly shampoo has a pH of 5-7, much closer to that desired 4.5, so in emergency situations, reach for the shampoo over the soap!

Acidic, that sounds so irritating doesn’t it?  A recent study showed cleansers with a lower pH were actually less irritating.  Our skin loves the acidic products and they come along with anti aging benefits as well.  The recent blog discusses chemical, also known as acidic, exfoliation and its importance in reducing and preventing wrinkles.  Bacteria can not thrive in an acidic environment.  Acneic products usually contain salicylic acid, lowering the pH of the product, preventing bacteria on the skin.  BHA has a pH of 3, AHA 3-4 and Vitamin C 2.5-3.5 , all lowering the natural pH of the skin.  These ingredients all help support the acid mantle of the stratum corneum which is important for permeability barrier for antimicrobial defense.  What does that mean anyway?  These ingredients help the skin to fight infections diseases and by regulating what can and can’t enter the skin.

Picking out a home care product can be overwhelming, but your friendly esthetician around the corner is here to save the day!  Schedule a relaxing facial and come get educated on a customized regimen perfect for your skin type!  I promise to help you create a system that is easy to use and cost effective!

Written by:

Lorean Dillard/Beauty Mark Boutique


721 W. Arapaho Rd. #102 Richardson TX 75080

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