Reaching adulthood we figure we should be worrying more about wrinkes than breakouts!  So why am I breaking out?  Adult acne in the chin area and cheeks is a common problem.  Using certain ingredients will not only clear, but prevent breakouts from occurring.

As we age we accumulate a layer of build up from our cell turnover slowing down.  This dry outer layer leaves our makeup looking cakey and can cause those stubborn breakouts to occur.  We are left feeling dry so we reach for the moisturizer. Our skin then tries to make up for the dry areas by over producing oil, giving us a crazy combination skin type.  Oils from product and even our own oil then mix with this build up, clogging the pores – BAM, BREAKOUTS!

The preventative way to fight this battle would be to up your exfoliation.  Scrubs, maybe, but chemical exfoliants in serums will not only prevent lines by reducing buildup, but prevent breakouts.  Salacylic acid is the most common ingredient found in acne products and is usually recommended for teens, but only certain adult skin types can handle it.  Salacylic is gentle, but can be drying.  For a teenage, oily skin type this does wonders, but for an aging skin this can leave one feeling dry and increase the flaking. Benzyl peroxide is another common ingredient in acne products that can be irritating to some and it is normally used as a spot treatment.  Mandelic acid is a newer go to that is good for all skin types and great for sensitive skin.  It has clearing and exfoliating properties, so a must have for the aging -acne prone skin.  Many skin care lines are realizing how wonderful this ingredient is, but are using it incorrectly.  There have been studies shown that this formulation works best if used only at 6% or lower, where may lines are putting high doses in the product which breaks down the barrier function of the skin.

Knowing that the majority of adult acne is caused from build up a glycolic based serum is another option.  being the most hydrating of the hydroxy acids.  Glycolic is an alpha hydroxy acid that not only dissolves buildup, draws impurities out of the skin, but is also the most hydrating of the AHAs.  For a client who has a break out here or there or has congestion under the skin, this is a great ingredient.  Glycolic based products will leave the skin firm and hydrated after use. When picking a line, preservatives are another factor to address.  Many WELL KNOWN lines that many of our friends sell (HINT HINT) use not so great preservatives that are formaldehyde based that can cause the skin to be OH SO IRRITATED.  These preservatives may keep that product on the shelf longer, but come with many negative side effects.  (Stay tuned for a future blog on preservatives).

So is it normal to break out as an adult? No, it is just a side effect of the skin changing that can be corrected with a few easy steps added to ones regimen.  Don’t let broken out skin get you down, schedule a clearing facial today to get your skin on track.  Let me help educate you on an easy regimen that will keep that skin smooth and clear!

Written by:

Lorean Dillard / Beauty Mark Boutique


721 W. Arapaho Rd. #102 Richardson, TX 75080



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